Rebuilding Your Smile from the Root Up

Does the condition of your smile leave you feeling self-conscious? If so, you are not alone. Hundreds of thousands of people throughout the nation undergo dental treatment for this very reason; to redesign their smile and restore their self-esteem. At Elegant Smiles Dentistry, we go above and beyond to help you achieve the smile you deserve. Whether you have lost teeth due to trauma or decay,Dr. Khodabakhsh and his team will configure a solution to improve both the appearance and health of your smile, as missing teeth can impair natural function. Dental implants, offered at our North Dallaspractice, are natural-looking replacements for missing teeth, and function just as your natural tooth roots would.

About Dental Implants

Dental implants are man-made titanium posts, anchored to the jawbone, that act as artificial tooth roots to maximize the structural stability of your dental prosthetic. If your smile has lost its natural function due to a missing tooth or missing teeth, or your ill-fitting dentures fail to provide you with the reliable support you need, dental implants may work well for you. Our North Dallas cosmetic dentist  carefully prepares for your surgery by thoroughly reviewing your dental X-rays and mapping out a surgical plan. By doing so he can more accurately place the dental implants within the jaw so once the prosthetic is placed on top of it, the entire restoration is aligned, looks completely natural, and provides your smile with the leverage it needs.

Following Treatment

Once the implant is surgically placed into your jawbone and the bone and implant post fuse together (a process that can take up to six months), Dr. K will create a custom-crafted dental crown, bridge, or denture and install the structure over the dental implant. The dental implant will securely hold the prosthetic in place and function much like your natural teeth would. Your dental prosthetic will be more comfortable to wear, always stay in place, and enhance the beauty of your smile. Your smile will look and feel astonishingly natural. Implants are incredibly durable and can last a lifetime if they are properly cared for.

Our Experience Sets Us Apart

His experience in dealing with a wide variety of cases for well over a decade has allowed Dr. K to become skilled in performing several types of implantation. Although we do not offer full-mouth dental implants, we do perform single-tooth implantation, and when necessary, immediate-load implantation. We want your newly renovated smile to look as flawless as possible, which is why Dr. K always takes a conservative, natural approach when completing your restoration. By placing dental implants into the jawbone, one at a time, we can ensure a more seamless result and fewer complications.

Are Dental Implants the Right Solution for Me?

Dental Implants are ideal solutions for patients who are missing one or more teeth, have a healthy and fully developed jawbone, and have healthy gum tissue. Although implants are a wonderful solution for lost teeth and an ill-functioning smile, not everyone is a candidate for treatment. At Elegant Smiles Dentistry in North Dallas, our skilled dentist will evaluate the condition of your smile, identify your dental needs, review your medical history, and provide you with education on dental implants prior to performing your personalized surgical treatment. Dental implants are not recommended for patients who have heart disease, diabetes, or have been exposed to certain types of radiation.

Contact Us to Learn More about Dental Implants

You don’t have to live with an unhealthy, unappealing smile. We offer multiple solutions, including dental implants, at our North Dallas practice, all of which will address your unique needs and fulfill your cosmetic desires. Our goal is to improve the quality of your smile so it lasts for years to come and makes a lasting impression on everyone you meet. Contact Elegant Smiles Dentistry to learn more about our services and the passion our team has for changing peoples’ lives.

Common Questions

A dental implant is used to replace the roots of a missing tooth. By replacing the roots of a lost tooth, implants can ultimately support a custom crown or bridge. Made from titanium, an implant is very durable and with proper care, it can last for decades. The implant is placed directly into the jawbone so that over time, bone can fuse around it. The action of bone fusing to titanium is what makes a dental implant so stable and durable. Once the dental implant is stabilized by bone, it holds a dental crown or bridge so that oral function is fully restored.

The only way to be certain you are a candidate for replacing lost teeth with dental implants is to consult with a doctor. A consultation is necessary because an oral examination complete with diagnostic images needs to be performed to evaluate the health of the entire oral cavity – specifically the density and thickness of the jaw. The bone surrounding the implantation site must be thick and dense enough to support the dental implant so that it can stabilize.

Loss of bone in the jaws commonly affects patients who have lost teeth. This is because the roots of teeth keep bone stimulated. Bone can atrophy and deteriorate just like soft tissues such as muscle mass. Since a dental implant serves as a tooth’s root, it will keep bone stimulated and active, and therefore helps prevent it from deteriorating.

One dental implant can replace a single tooth with a crown or about three teeth with a bridge. A series of dental implants can be used to replace multiple teeth. For those who have suffered from total tooth loss, dental implants can be used to support a full denture. Everyone’s situation is unique and after consulting with our doctor, we can develop a treatment plan that is right for you.

The price of dental implants can vary depending on whether a person has dental insurance coverage, the number of implants placed, and if a person requires preliminary treatments like bone grafts or tooth extractions. For questions about treatment costs, we encourage you to speak with our financial coordinator for estimates tailored to your specific needs.

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