Justin, a patient of Dr. Sasan Khodabakhsh, shares his positive experience with the caring staff at Elegant Smiles Dentistry. At Dr. Khodabakhsh’s North Dallas dental practice, dental comfort is one of the ways quality is achieved with every procedure.

Dr. K has done a number of different things for me. He’s done plenty of the normal cleanings, but he did a whitening for me. He actually referred me to an orthodontist that took out the bottom retainer on the bottom half of my teeth, gave me a night guard to be able to keep those in line without having to have that irritating retainer. He’s done the crowns on the front two teeth, replaced them. It’s been fantastic. They’re always great. I’ve got a little bit of a crazy schedule, so I’ve had to push some of the appointments around a little bit. They’ve been accommodating. They always get me in and out. I don’t have to wait long. They’re very cautious in regards to my pain levels. It’s one of the nicest things about it is making sure I’m comfortable, and I’m not sitting there in agony while they’re drilling my teeth. They’re very cognizant of that. I would certainly recommend Elegant Smiles to my friends and family and everybody else that I talk to. They have done a great job for me. They’re unbelievable people. I love them.

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